One-Meeting Trust

  • What is a Trust?

A trust is a container for all of your assets (house, bank accounts, life insurance, etc.) that protects your loved ones by setting rules that control how your money is spent after your death.

  • Why do I need one?

If you have a spouse or young children, a Will sends your assets to them upon your death with no rules or protections. They can blow it, make bad investment decisions, or be taken advantage of. We create a Will for you as the backup, and the Trust as the main vehicle of your estate plan.

  • What does a Trust cost?

The cost of a trust depends on the complexity of your family situation, the number and nature of your assets, and the time the law firm needs to put into the planning process – usually in the thousands, and occasionally, tens of thousands of dollars.

  • Why is a One-Meeting Trust significantly less expensive?

We have done hundreds of trusts, and have seen just about every family and asset situation. For families with typical situations, we’ve developed a workshop process that allows us to be very efficient, so we can charge less.

  • What is the Process, and How Much does it Cost?

You pick a signing date on the calendar below and make a $100 deposit with a credit card. Complete our online interview (you will receive an email with a link). Come to our office on the signing date, review your documents with Attorney Donald H. Sienkiewicz, and get your questions answered.

  • Our Guarantee:

At the end of your signing meeting, you pay another $800 (the balance of the price for your Wills and Trusts), sign your documents, and take them home with you – but only if you’re completely satisfied. If you’re not, we’ll refund your $100.

  • Get all of your questions about the One-Meeting Trust answered

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If you would like to sign up for our traditional estate planning process, beginning with an in-person consultation with the attorney, please click on the Schedule Consultation tab at the top of this page.