One-Meeting Will

What is a Will?

A Will is a document in which you designate (1) the person who will care for your minor children (their “Guardian”) in case both their parents are dead; (2) who will get your money and other valuables upon your death; and (3) the person who will pay your debts and distribute your assets (your “Executor”). Your Guardian’s and Executor’s actions will be monitored by a probate court in the County where you die (this is called “going through probate”). Your Will signing must be witnessed by two persons (who are not named in your Will) for your Will to be legally enforceable.

What does a Will usually cost?

Most lawyers charge a few hundred to several hundred dollars to consult with you about your wishes, prepare a Will, and provide witnesses for the signing.

What is your Process?

You pick a signing date on the calendar below and pay your $100 deposit. Complete our online interview (you will receive an email with a link to it). Come to our office on the signing date, review your documents with Attorney Donald H. Sienkiewicz, and get your questions answered. We do this in a workshop format, with up to six couples at a time in our conference room. Attorney Sienkiewicz will also explain how guardianship, probate, Wills and Trusts work. At the end of the workshop, you will sign your Will, and we will witness it so that your wishes will be honored by the courts. You take your Will home with you.

What if I want to make Changes after the Signing?

We will also give you your Will in Microsoft Word format on a CD-ROM. You can make simple changes, like adding the name of a new child, or changing your Guardian or Executor, at any time. You just have to find two independent witnesses when you sign your new Will, which automatically replaces your previous Will.

What will you charge me?

We will charge you $200 per single parent, or $300 per married couple. You will be charged $100 when you sign up and the balance on the evening when you come to our office to have your documents witnessed.

If you would like to sign up for our traditional estate planning process, beginning with an in-person consultation with the attorney, please click on Schedule Consultation here or on the Scheduling tab at the top of this page.